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Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Mission: Marine Corps Base Hawaii provides forward-based, sustainable and secure training and operational support, facilities, and services to enable Operational Forces to accomplish their mission.

Lines of Effort:

PRODUCE READINESS is our ability to set the conditions and manage the resources that enable the Operating Forces to be fully prepared.

PROMOTE RESILIENCY is our ability to actively support enduring self-reliance and when needed, quick recovery.

PROJECT POWER is our ability to be the mid-Pacific platform from which the Nation deters, reassures, and when called, launches lethal force.

The Greatest Generation forged the Marine Corps' legacy in the Pacific, bringing their ingenuity to distant shores and atolls. The Pacific Campaign was honed on Marine Corps Bases in Hawaii, from Marine Corps Air Station Ewa on the Leeward Coast, to Camp Tarawa in Waimea on the Island of Hawaii. New adversaries will recognize the threads of our heritage in how we deliver today's Fight, whether it be experiential, adaptive, or deterrent.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii provides a broad range of support functions and facilities on the farthest extension of American soil. From this unique locale, we are able to Produce Readiness, Promote Resiliency, and Project Power into the Indo-Asia Pacific Region, and beyond. The base offers many exclusive opportunities desired by the Marine Corps' Future Force, such as littoral maneuver training, energy generation and storage, artificial intelligence experimentation, expeditionary logistics, and partnerships necessary for the Asia-Pacific Rebalance. Our Military-Civilian partnerships have aided us in keeping pace with technologies which signify our commitment to the environment, sustainability, and conservation, while sparing no effort to produce Ready Forces capable of undertaking our Nation's bidding.

Projecting Power begins with a resilient Marine, going beyond mere physical fitness. The intricacy of the future environment, equally chaotic and complex, will demand critical thinking and mental dexterity, which Marine Corps Base Hawaii fervently provides. Through the delivery of this support, we actively participate in building a professional, disciplined, and moral Force dispersed around the globe. We will be the superior installation for Warfighters through the deliberate and heartfelt preparation of our Operating Forces for complete fitness across the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social domains.

Information taken from https://www.mcbhawaii.marines.mil/Unit-Home/Mission/ on 6/1/2018.

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