High Security Billet

It is acceptable for almost all MOS graduates to say what their job is. The only time it is not ok is if that job is a High Security Billet (HSB), such as Recon, Force Recon, MARSOC, Intel, Sniper, Scout Sniper, Presidential Guard Detail, FAST, JUMP, PSD, Embassy Security Group, or Anti-Terrorism Battalion. The majority of Military Occupational Specialties/billets are not high security, therefore permitting those Marines say what they are doing unless they are deployed and on a mission. For OPSEC reasons, we have never had support groups for Recon families. A Recon Marine would never want his parents or loved ones in any kind of a group that would identify them as a family member, both for the safety of the recon team and the family members/loved ones. It's just too dangerous.

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