Suspending Cell Phone Service for Deployed Marines

All cell phone providers should offer a military suspension for cell phone service regardless of the contract. In many instances, cell phone providers may ask for a copy of the military orders before allowing a military suspension on accounts and services. Keep in mind, the contract will still be in place, and the Marine will have to re-open the account when he/she returns stateside. Upon return, the contract picks up where it was suspended. For instance, if your Marine was in a 24-month contract, had used 6 months of service prior to deployment, the contract will have an additional 18 months that will be reinstated upon return. In some instances, it may be more cost efficient to cancel or buy out the contract if it's near expiration and the Marine does not want to keep the same cell phone number. Check with the cell phone provider for the most cost-effective solution for your Marine.

For more information on suspending other types of services during deployment, click here.

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