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How can we help you, your Marine, or other service members? Our mission is to serve you, our Marine Corps and military family members, as well as your loved one serving our great nation.

Outreach Programs of MarineParents.com a Place to Connect & Share®

Marine Parents provides support, information, and services to recruit and Marine family members and troops through several outreach programs which span the life-cycle of your recruit/Marine's career in the Marine Corps.

Our outreach programs, listed below with each specific mission, are designed to keep you informed, to give you a place to connect and share® with others who understand the difficulties you may face with a loved one in the service, and to help your service member during deployment, retrograde, through wounds, injuries, or illness, and transitioning after the Corps.

Let us know how our outreach programs can help you. Contact us with your needs, or to learn more, click an icon below.

Travel Assistance Outreach


Travel Assistance

Support Marine Corps recruits by assisting one of his/her family members who shows significant financial need, to attend boot camp graduation events so the Marine is not alone.


A Place to Connect and Share


A Place to Connect & Share®

Provide a place to connect and share® for recruit and Marine family members that is OPSEC-compliant and guided by trained volunteers and moderators in our official MarineParents.com Facebook Groups.

Click here for Official MarineParents.com Facebook groups.

Team Marine Parents Outreach


EGA Shop

Provide Marine Corps-themed and customizable products for sale to the public through our online store where net proceeds support the outreach programs of the organization.


EGA Shop, purchase Marine Corps Clothing and Support Our Troops at the same time!
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