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NOTE: We no longer use our message board community. That's right! We are excited to announce that we have moved the message board components of to Marine Family Network (a/k/a MFN), the newest Outreach Program of It is ready for Marine Corps Families and their Marines to Connect & Share with one another. Our old message boards are now shut down, so go on over to MFN and get registered!

During the registration process you will receive a verification email. If you don't see this email in your inbox, please check your spam filter.

Old Message Board Note

There has been a recent rash of emails being sent through the message board community from folks who login as members with the express intent of scamming folks into sending money. We have implemented a solution that will curb unsolicited emails being sent to members of our message board communities.

If you are NOT a member of the message board community for either the Recruit or Marine Parent message boards, this alert does not impact you.

Data has NOT been Compromised

We apologize if you are on the receiving end of these emails. Please be assured that no databases have been compromised and this activity is under control. The person sending you the email has not been given your email address or contact information. As long as you do not reply to the sender, your email address will remain confidential.

Soliciting is Prohibited

For your protection, will NEVER send solicitous email to you through the message board community. Members are NOT allowed to solicit via the member-to-member email interface. If anyone sends you an email through the message boards asking for money, donations, purchasing, advertising, assistance, calls-to-action, information, last names or phone numbers it has NOT been endorsed by and should be reported immediately.If you feel the are on the receiving end of a user in violation of these guidelines, DO NOT reply to the sender, but rather forward this email in its entirety to with your questions and/or concerns. Thank you in advance for your help.

Donations Claiming to be for

The message board community has been wrongly used in the past to solicit donations for what appear to be well-deserving organizations. Additionally, there have been reports of emails being sent member-to-member asking folks to donate for a project endorsed by This is FALSE information and should be reported immediately. Remember, we will NEVER send you email through the message boards requesting donations or action. Requests from will ALWAYS be posted publicly on the message boards; never sent privately through email.

Communication FROM Members

Very often our members have legitimate reasons for wanting to communicate with one another via email. The new email sent through the message boards member-to-member will include these alerts and notices so you can immediately report anything suspicious. Please be advised that the content of emails sent from one member to another has not been reviewed nor approved by or any of our volunteers.

Communication FROM, Inc.

The only OFFICIAL information that we send via email, is the, Inc. Bi-weekly Email Newsletter. To receive the email newsletter via email, you MUST register for it separate from the message board community. This is the ONLY official communication we send via email. To learn more about the newsletter click here.

Internet Safety, Privacy and Scams

What You Can Do

When using the messsage board communities at, you have the following options available to you to protect your privacy:

Report Suspicious Email

Email sent from the message board community will be identified with the message board address and the name of the member sending the email. If you are on the receiving end of a suspicious email sent to you FROM the message board community, please report the suspicious email to for our prompt attention. Your report will be handled confidentially by one of our trained volunteers.

Remove Member-to-Member Email

You have the option to "turn off" members (and therefor scams) being able to email you through the message boards. To do this, change the setting under "profile" to "no" under the question "Allow members to send me email". To do this, login to the message boards and click the "profile" link near the top right of the web page.

Post in the Discussion Group

To learn about possible new scams and/or join in a discussion on the topic of email scams through this internet community, we invite you to read the discussion board. It includes lists of "members" that have been banned for sending scam email through the message boards as well as examples of scams being sent.

Click Here for Discussion Group

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