Using the Internet: Online Safety, Fraud, Privacy, and Scams

Email scams are rampant; if it sounds too good to be true, then it's a scam. It's easy and cheap for criminals to bundle products and marketing materials into an email and present it to millions of email accounts. And it's tough to find the criminals to stop them.

There are tens of thousands of email scams, stories, and "less-than-true" gadgets and gizmos floating around the internet. Many families have been and will be the target of these scams. Please protect yourself! Question the validity of what you receive in an email, whether it's an amazing story, a great online-only buy, or the pesky forwarded email claiming you'll earn luck (or even money!) by passing on the email to ten of your friends.

Additional Resources

The following external links offer additional information and resources on fraud and scams.

While the Internet can be a safe and convenient place to do business, scammers are out there in "cyber world" targeting unsuspecting consumers. The Looks Too Good To Be website was built to educate you, the consumer, and help prevent you from becoming a victim of an Internet fraud scheme.

Internet Crime Complaint Center operating in conjunction with the FBI and the National White Collar Center. You can file a complaint with the IC3 if you have actually incurred a loss from an internet scheme.

Popular and fairly reliable web site that debunks rumors, myths, urban legends, and all those exagerated-claim emails being forwarded enmass around the country. Alert: This site is loaded with advertising and pop-ups.

Click here for direct link to Nigerian Email Scam

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