, a Place to Connect & Share®

You've found a Place to Connect & Share®! was founded in 2003 on the philosophy of a Place to Connect & Share®, giving you many options to communicate with other recruit, Marine, and Veteran family members.

Official Facebook Groups

We offer groups on Facebook for every stage of your Marine's career in the Corps starting as a poolee, recruit, MOS school, active duty, reserves, officer training, and as a Veteran. One of our over 100 groups will meet your current needs.

There are literally thousands of Facebook groups for military communities out there. Be sure to connect with one of our groups which includes (Official Group) in the title. Our groups include 10 Rules for Posting to fully embrace OPSEC and PERSEC.

Join Team Marine Parents for Fitness!

We are a team of people from across the United States who run, walk, ride, swim (or any other activity!) in events all over our great nation with a goal to raise awareness of and donations for the outreach programs of Join us for team building and fitness fun, whether you're an athlete or a beginner, in a commitment to a healthy lifestyle with a dual purpose!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hosting VIRTUAL RUNS. Our Virtual Runs are events attended by participants around the world on a specific set of days each month. Participants choose the type and length of event they wish to complete. They can choose to run, walk, bike, swim or any other physical activity. They also choose the distance for the event, whether 5k, 10k, 2 miles, or even a Marathon!

Community Relations: Events In Your State

Our team of Community Relations volunteers have been trained to present on behalf of the organization and to help facilitate brick and mortar "Connect & Share" events around the country. They also participate in our "Regions" Facebook Groups to communicate with family members in their own states.

We have Official Marine Parents Facebook groups by regions for every state. Feel free to join at any stage of your poolee, recruit, Marine, or Veteran's stage of the Corps.

Update March 28, 2022: We are looking for additional community relations volunteers to work with recruiting stations in your area. Our "Connect & Share®" events continue to be on hold during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Serving the Marine Corps Community Since 2003

Through the years, we have evolved from message boards and our own social media platform to our Facebook Groups and live chat rooms. We have supported literally hundreds of thousands of family members through the years giving them a Place to Connect & Share during their recruit or Marine's career in the Corps. We've grown from providing information on support groups to our own Community Relations volunteers facilitating brick and mortar "Connect & Share" events throughout the country.

With over 200 volunteers around the United States, we are proud and honored to serve you, our Marine Corps family community, whether you are a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, cousin, or spouse, we are here for every stage of your Marine's career in the Corps and as a Veteran. You are not alone in this journey, and we're glad you've found a Place to Connect & Share®.

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