Official Facebook Regions Groups

Groups for Marine Corps family members to connect with other Marine Corps families in their own state and region. Please join only the regional group representing the state in which you currently reside. You may join your regional group prior to boot camp graduation and remain throughout your Marine's career in the Corps and afterward.

In many of our Official Regional States Groups, our volunteers plan local meet and greet opportunities as a Place to Connect & Share® in your local area. To learn about events which may be in your area, visit our page.


In August of 2019, the organization made the decision to move our 50-states groups into Regional States Groups for better volunteer coverage and opportunities to provide a Place to Connect & Share®. We now have 6 Regional groups rather than 50 State groups.

If you are currently in a STATE Group, you need to JOIN the Regional Group. Your membership to the corresponding regional group will be approved immediately. Click the link below to join your Regional States Group.

We hope you'll enjoy meeting a wider range of Marine Corps family members this way and be able to share more with one another. Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you in your Regional States Group!

Official Regional States Groups on Facebook
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