Official Facebook Groups Volunteer Positions

Online Volunteer Positions Available

Updated April 26, 2017:

Official Facebook Groups Volunteer Positions

If you are interested in applying for a Facebook Groups Volunteer Position, we request that you apply online When you submit your application online, please include name(s) of volunteers who suggested you apply for a position in the "references" field. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you are unable to apply online, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator at

Training and Ongoing Professional Development

All applicants must complete independent online training through reading and responding to online documents. Training will then be finalized via a telephone interview with Marine Parents Director of Facebook Groups. On-going professional development including the study of Marine Parents websites, Marine Corps history and boot camp structure is also required.

Position Requirements

Each position has specific requirements, however all applicants must be a family member of a recruit in boot camp or the family member of a Marine in any stage of the Corps: SOI, MOS, PDS, Reserves, Veteran, After the Corps. All applicants must have a basic working knowledge of using Facebook groups, the content of (and if applicable to the position) as well as the services and mission of the organization Marine Parents. Individuals must be able to learn the guidelines and posting rules for the group, read and respond to online inquiries, complete online training as well as commit to ongoing professional development during their tenure as a volunteer.

Volunteer Position: MP TEAM Coaches and Assistant Coaches

We have 11 Teams of Volunteers and each team has a Coach and Assistant Coach. Coaches are responsible for assuring the team as a whole is organized, commitments and dates are met, and information is disseminated to all team members. The Team Coach also works with the VO Hiring Coordinator and Content Coordinator to assure website content and posts are up-to-date for the team's needs. The Assistant Coach works directly with individual team members during training and mentoring and assists with day-to-day operations.
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Volunteer Position: Group Leader

We have one Group Leader for each of our official Marine Parents Facebook groups at any one time. The Group Leader is responsible for overseeing the volunteers day-to-day operations, reviewing group posts, and leading the volunteers assigned to their group. The Group Leader reports to the Team Coach. Each group leader follows procedure and protocol for disseminating information to the members of their group.
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Volunteer Position: Group Guides

We have multiple Group Guides for each group. The Group Guides are responsible for assuring adequate coverage of the group for sharing of information, answering questions, directing members to the Official Marine Parents website pages for information, and promoting products from the EGA Shop. Group Guides are also mentors for Volunteers in Training to become Group Guides. The Group Guides report to the Group Leader. Each Group Guide follows procedure and protocol under the leadership of the Group Leader.
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Volunteer Position: Volunteer in Training (VIT)

All volunteers for the organizations Facebook groups start at the Volunteer in Training level. We have multiple Volunteers in Training in every group. Volunteers in Training can be hired while their loved one is in boot camp for recruit training or in any stage of their Marine's career in the Corps or afterward. The Volunteer in Training is responsible for posting welcomes and encouraging messages to the members of the group as well as promoting products from the EGA Shop. The Volunteer in Training reports to the Group Leader. Each Volunteer in Training follows procedure and protocol under the leadership of the Group Leader.
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Volunteer Position: Coordinator

We have two volunteer coordinator positions who work directly with Team Coaches to coordinate work between volunteers and the corporate office for Content and Volunteer Hiring. Responsibilities include collecting information and requests from coaches to leaders to disseminate to the corporate office for appropriate action.
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