Lauren Brandkamp

EGA Shop, Retail and Production Manager

Lauren is the daughter of Founder Tracy Della Vecchia and has been a part of for 15 years. For the past four years she has worked every aspect of the In the last...Read More


Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is a very proud Marine mom from Fort Myers, Florida, has been a Marine Parents volunteer since October 2016. Jennifer's Marine is the first in her family to join the military. She enjoy...Read More


Luigi Della Vecchia

Web Application Developer

Luigi brings an expansive skill set to as an expert in information technology. He programs online databases and applications across the entire organization, provides technica...Read More


Tracy Della Vecchia

Founder and Executive Director

Tracy and her husband have recently purchased their retirement home and plan to retire in January of 2023, 20 years after starting Marine Parents. Her son was a Marine with 3rd Btn 4th Marines and...Read More


Larry Jensen

Larry has been a part of the MarineParents family since November of 2018. Some of his favorite things about working here are the great people, friendly environment, learning new computer skills, a...Read More


Taylor Watts

Taylor joined the team in February 2020 as our presser and has advanced to now being in charge of marketing and promotions for the EGA Shop as well as maintaining the online store database and ima...Read More

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