Travel Assistance Boot Camp Graduations

The mission of our Travel Assistance program is to support Marine Corps recruits by assisting one of his/her family members who shows significant financial need, to attend boot camp graduation events so the Marine is not alone. Travel Assistance for Boot Camp Graduations

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How Our Travel Program Works

Attending the graduation ceremony for your newly-minted Marine is an experience every soon-to-be Marine parent would like to experience. However, some families cannot afford to attend their recruit's graduation. For each boot camp graduation cycle, we raise money to fund our Travel Assistance program. Funds are used to reimburse a recruit's family members who meet our financial need requirements. Administrative costs for the program are funded through Recipients are not required to repay the travel costs.

Make a Donation, Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity.

YOU can help another family member attend their recruit's graduation. Make your donation to the Travel Assistance program by selecting a Location, Company and Graduation Date below:

Share in Social Media

We encourage you to share our page on the Travel Assistance program in Social Media. The following page includes all the graduation dates and active fundraising for current boot camp graduation dates.

Stories & Photos

We will be sharing the photos and stories of families we have helped as the family members report back to us. Click here to view.

Who Can Apply for Assistance

The Travel Assistance Program provides for limited reimbursement of airline tickets (and possibly other expenses) for a recruit's family member to attend BOTH family day (typically Thursday) and graduation day (typically Friday). Applicants must be the parent, legal guardian or spouse of the recruit. In a joint application for a married couple, at least one person must be the parent or legal guardian.

We are not able to provide Travel Assistance for siblings or relatives who are not a parent, legal guardian, or spouse of a recruit.

Reimbursement For Travel Expenses

When donations allow, travel assistance may be available in the form of partial travel reimbursements for qualified recipients. The award from Travel Assistance will NOT cover all costs of travel and overnight accomodations. Award recipients will incur additional costs to attend graduation, including meals and should be prepared to cover those expenses themselves.

What to Know Before You Apply

Before completing the online application, read our APPLICATION GUIDELINES which includes tips and timeline to assure your application is received according to our established procedures. Applicants who fail to follow the timeline and instructions will not be considered for Travel Assistance from


Step 1: Our Guidelines     Step 2: Our Application
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