, Inc. Board of Directors


Matt Corrado

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the company. He worked at the organization while attending Columbia College in Columbia, MO. After graduating, he pursued a career as a professional...Read More


Danielle Corrado

Director of Communication and Information Services

Danielle is a Marine Corps veteran and an attorney with a vast information base to help and support the organization as a board member. As an undergraduate at Columbia College, she worked at Marin...Read More


Luigi Della Vecchia

Director of Information Technology

Luigi brings an expansive skill set to as an expert in information technology. He programs online databases and applications across the entire organization, provides technica...Read More


Tracy Della Vecchia

Founder and Executive Director

Tracy and her husband have recently purchased their retirement home and plan to retire in January of 2023, 20 years after starting Marine Parents. Her son was a Marine with 3rd Btn 4th Marines and...Read More


Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen served in the Marine Corps from 2001-2006 and completed three combat deployments to Iraq with the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines. After the Marine Corps, he attended Westminster College...Read More


David Ogden


David is a Marine veteran who served with the 1st Marine Division, Headquarters Battalion, Truck Company from December 2011 to December 2016. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton, California for t...Read More

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