2024 Volunteer Appreciation

This organization could not exist if it were not for the contributions of so many volunteers around the United States. If you are interested in volunteering with MarineParents.com and helping Recruit and Marine families through this journey, Click to Learn About Volunteering at MarineParents.com.

2024 Volunteer Appreciation

Letter from the Founder

This year, National Volunteer Week is April 21-27, and during this time we ask you to join us in celebrating the hard work and dedication of our volunteers here at Marine Parents.

We have 78 volunteers who worked 35,486 hours in 2023. Each of these stellar individuals completed 40+ hours of training and mentoring to begin working in our groups. Each individual's dedication to the Marine Corps benefits thousands of families worldwide.

This year as I created the collage of volunteer photos and began writing the article, I was in awe of the sheer number of volunteer hours collectively, and as individuals. Their longevity of service is not just admirable, it shows clearly their commitment to Marine and recruit family members. This is stellar work by stellar people. Congratulations to each of you, and thank you for your service.

This organization could not exist if it were not for the contributions of hundreds of parents around the United States. Our volunteers have taken that one step further and contribute endless hours answering emails, moderating the social media groups, researching information, and supporting the parents, spouses, family and friends of our United States Marines.

The volunteers at MarineParents.com are the heartbeat of the organization. They are our strength and our backbone. They are the caregivers for Marine Corps family members, giving time, attention, answers, patience, and devotion to the members and the mission. Their work is unwavering, and the giving of their time appears endless.

As the founder of MarineParents.com, I have worked with amazing volunteers through the years, numbering several thousand in our 21+ years of service as MarineParents.com. Each year, I am in awe of the statistics, hours, and work—and the kind of people volunteering for MarineParents.com.

Thank you to each of our volunteers for giving your heart to our Marine Corps family members. Thank you for giving family members a place to connect and share®. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.

God Bless and Semper Fi!

Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder and Executive Director

Recognizing our Volunteers

All of our volunteers are incredibly committed to the mission and supporting Marine families. I want to take a moment to recognize individual accomplishments.

Volunteers with over 9000 hours of service

  • Teresa Meadows (since April 2018) - 9145 hours
  • Joyce Willcox (since March 2019) - 9264 hours

Volunteers with over 4000 hours of service

  • Christen Weller - 4129
  • Sheri Edwards - 4887
  • Stacie Theis - 4900
  • Diana Wolfe - 4974

Volunteers with 7 years of service

  • Valerie Campbell
  • Nicole Edmundson
  • Diana Wolfe

Volunteers with 6 years of service

  • Stacie Theis
  • Jenn Landreth
  • Stephanie Bowling
  • Lynn Humphreys
  • Adriane Nelson
  • Susan Hughes

Volunteers with 5 years of service

  • Jennifer Ackerbauer
  • Candi Busekros
  • John Diolosa
  • Teresa Meadows
  • Dana Powell
  • Joyce Willcox
  • Carolyn Williams

Volunteers with 4 years of service

  • Lori Ballard
  • Celeste Collins
  • Sheri Edwards
  • Yvette Garcia
  • Cheryl Griffin
  • Ammie Hennigan
  • Christine Sawyer
  • Marlee VesTal

Volunteers with 3 years of service

  • Stephanie Harris
  • Shelley Klug
  • Kelly Lycka
  • Julie Menefee
  • Theresa Nicolosi
  • Sheryl Peavey
  • Sharon Suchocki
  • Marjorie Terzian

Volunteers with 2 years of service

  • Tori Busenitz
  • Catalina Rodriguez
  • Shilo Dantzer
  • Erendira Saenz
  • Crystal Stanfield
  • Brenda Diaz
  • Yara Gutierrez
  • Mary Korte
  • Ilene Jauquet
  • Yvonne Mercado
  • Christen Weller

About National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 by President Richard Nixon. This was done as a way to celebrate the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Each President since then has issued a proclamation during National Volunteer Week, and this has also been the case for many mayors and governors across the country. Since 1974, National Volunteer Week has not only been a celebration of the dedication of so many volunteers, but also a nationwide effort to encourage people to volunteer in their own communities.

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