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New Babies!
Welcome New Marine Babies!

3/4 Marine with new baby daughter during homecoming May 24, 2003 This page is especially for New Daddies and New Babies! We've got lots of babies on the way and we want to honor each of their families and daddies and mommies that are working so hard in these tough times. May God bless each of these families.

We would love to add an announcement of your new baby born while waiting for Daddy to come home, or announcements of expected due dates. Please email: We will not include last names in the announcement. Please include first names, date, time, weight, your state, and any information about how Daddy was contacted after the birth of the baby.

    2010 Babies:


  • November 15, 2010:
    Proud Grandma reports that Mary Michelle was born on November 15, 2010 at 9:33 am in San Diego, Ca. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 in. long. Her Mommy and Daddy are both active duty, but her Daddy is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Daddy was able to communicate by phone off and on through all of labor and called 10 minutes after Mary was born and heard her cry while talking to Mommy. We are all waiting for his safe return, so that he can meet his baby girl in March.


  • June 16, 2010:
    Isabella Faith was born June 16, 2010 at 9:14 pm in Jacksonville, NC. She weighed 8.3 and was 20 inches long. Her daddy is currently serving in Afghanistan. As of June 16 her daddy only knows she was on her way. Please bring all the daddy`s home safe and Isabella is waiting to meet her #1 daddy who she looks just like!! Love you daddy!


  • April 12, 2010:
    Rylie Rayne was born April 12, 2010 at 15:43 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She weighed 7.7 and was 18.75 inches long. Her daddy is currently serving in Afghanistan, and was notified by the Red Cross of her emergency birth. He was able to call the next day. Mommy and big sister Cherish are waiting for their Hero to return, and Rylie is waiting to meet Daddy, "Hurry Home Daddy!! We Love you!!"


  • March 9, 2010:
    Beyah Drue was born March 9, 2010 at 6:46 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. and was 21 inches long. Daddy is at MCT in Twentynine Palms, CA but he got to hear her first cry by phone. He will get to meet his new baby girl in mid June, and we are ready to see him! "We love you daddy, cant wait to meet you!" Semper Fi!


  • February 21, 2010:
    Madison Alexa was born on February 21, 2010 at 1:45 am. She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. and measured 20 inches long. Her daddy called the next day and found out that she had been born. Madison's daddy is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Madison says, "Hurry home daddy, can't wait to meet you! Love you!" -Proud Grandpa


  • February 19, 2010:
    Lathan Tyler was born on February 19, 2010. He weighed 6.7 lbs. and was 19 inches long. His daddy was deployed to Afghanistan 6 days after his birth. I am the first born!


  • January 20, 2010: From New Jersey
    Adrianna Maria was born on January 20, 2010 at 7:42 a.m. in Mount Holly, NJ. She weighed 8 lbs 1oz and measured 21.5in long. Her daddy is currently deployed in Afghanistan and knew what day I was having the baby. He was able to call the same day just one hour after I had her.

    2009 Babies:


  • October 26, 2009: From California
    Ellie Rose was born October 26, 2009 in California at 3:44 pm. She weighed 6 lb 10 oz and was 19 inches long. Her daddy is currently deployed on the 31st MEU and was headed to Korea when she was born. He was notified by the Red Cross and was able to call home the day after she was born. Ellie was welcomed home by her big sister Daylen and they along with Mom, Aloura eagerly await his arrival home in January.


  • September 21, 2009: From Washington
    Atticus was born on September 21, 2009 in Kennewick, Washington at 4:18 pm. He weighed 7 lb 11 oz and was 20 inches long. His father is currently deployed to Afghanistan and was notified by the Red Cross. Dad was able to call home the next day. We have a two year old named Rowan so Atticus made her a big sister. We are all anxiously awaiting Dad's return home at Christmas time! - Proud Mom Shannon


  • September 14, 2009: From Illinois
    Landon James was born on September 14, 2009 at 0620 weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. Daddy arrived home from the airport the evening of September 13 - just one hour before they decided it was time to head to the hospital. His wife, Richel, who had gone into labor earlier that day, made daddy's flight home a nervous one to say the least! We were all so happy that he got here in time for Landon's birth and was able to spend his whole 10-day leave bonding with, and helping mommy care for, little Landon. Daddy currently awaits deployment to Iraq.


  • August 19, 2009: From California
    Logan arrived Wednesday, August 19, 2009, at 1:43 pm, in Newport Beach, California. Logan weighed 7 lbs, 0 oz, and was 19" long. Daddy is currently deployed to Afghanistan but was allowed to call a few days after he was born. Hopefully he will be home very soon to meet his new son! Logan says, Hurry home daddy can't wait to meet you.


  • August 2, 2009: From Florida
    Carson arrived Sunday, August 2, 2009, at 8:17 pm, in Florida. Carson weighed 6 lbs, 15.3 oz, and was 19" long. Daddy is currently deployed to Iraq but was allowed to call his wife, Heather, and got the "play by play" in the delivery room from his mom. Daddy will be home very soon on leave and will get to meet his new baby. Carson says "hurry home, Daddy!"

    Blake Scott

  • July 8, 2009:
    Blake Scott was born July 8, 2009 at 1:01 am. He weighed 7lbs 18oz, 20in long. His father is currently deployed to Afghanistan... returning home in Dec. The Family Readiness Officer arranged for Dad to be able to call Mom at the hospital the day Blake was born. Dad has yet to receive any pictures of his little man.


  • May 23, 2009: From Hawaii
    Michael Killian was born May 23, 2009 weighing 6lbs 12oz, 19in long at Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu Hawaii. Dad had just deployed to Afghanistan from Kaneohe Bay 8 days earlier and was notified by the Red Cross as he was still in transit. Ashton, who is eighteen months old, was born on December 4, 2007 while Dad was at boot camp in Parris Island. Mom Ashley and her two sons wait anxiously for his safe return.


  • April 2, 2009: From Indiana
    I just wanted to share the news of the birth of my son's first baby. His name is Tristan and he was born on April 2nd, 2009 at 0423. His Daddy got the news that Tristan had arrived and all was well as he was receiving his Eagle, Globe and Anchor after completing the Crucible in boot camp. Tristan weighed in at 7lbs 14oz. Daddy got to enjoy getting to know his little devil pup while he was home on ten days leave after boot camp. Daddy is in MCT right now, but Mommy and Tristan are going to see him graduate in a couple of weeks. Thank you for letting us share. The recruitparents site was a lifeline for me while my son was at boot camp. Now I am addicted to Marineparents,too!


  • March 24, 2009: From South Carolina:
    Tucker was born on March 24, 2009 at 9:06 pm and weighed 7lbs 3oz, 21" long, in parents home state SC. Daddy was deployed but was able to coach his wife Marisa by phone.

    Amiyah Marie

  • March 24, 2009: From Wisconsin:
    Amiyah Marie was born in Racine, Wisconsin on March 24, 2009 at 5:22pm. She weighed 6lbs 6oz and was 19 1/2 in. long. Her daddy was home on leave when she came and he couldn't be prouder, she looks just like him. Her and mommy are getting ready to move out to California to be with daddy and start their lives together at Camp Pendleton!

    Kayla Marie

  • February 15, 2009: From California:
    Kayla Marie was born in California on February 15, 2009 at 9:23 p.m. She weighed 7lbs. 5 oz. and Daddy was there for the birth only because he took leave for 10 days. He's now at his MOS School.

    Wyatt Lee

  • February 13, 2009: From Illinois:
    Proud Grandma reports Wyatt Lee was born, while Dad Lyle was deployed, on February 13, 2009 at 4:21 am and weighed 7lbs 9oz, 20" long. Wyatt and his new daddy met each other for the first time a few weeks later at homecoming. He and his mom, Jennifer, are very glad Daddy is home.

    Baby Logan

  • February 11, 2009: From Maryland:
    Baby boy Logan was born in Silver Spring, Maryland on February 11, 2009. He weighed 6lbs. 14oz. and looks just like his daddy, Sgt Jorge. Adrianna and Austin are proud siblings along with the prideful mommy Sandra.

    Baby Kallista

  • February 10, 2009: From California:
    Kallista Faith was born on February 10, 2009 in Twentynine Palms, CA. Daddy Corporal Joshua was there to welcome her with mother April, but he soon deployed and is currently serving his 2nd tour to Iraq.

    Baby Jade

  • January 13, 2009: From Texas:
    Jade Averi, January 13, 2009, 5:32 a.m., 7lbs. 10 oz., 20.5 inches, Texas, Chase is in MCT trainning and will hopefully come home for a 10 day leave before he starts his MOS trainning. Joani is staying in their hometown with her parents until Chase gets his PDS and they move.

    2008 Babies:

    Baby Mackenzie

  • November 28, 2008: From Indiana:
    Mackenzie Suzanne was born November 28, 2008 and lucky her Daddy AJ graduated from Boot on November 21, 2008 so he was home in Indiana when she arrived 3 weeks early! She weighed 6 lb. 11 oz., 19 1/2 inches long and was welcomed by big sister Addison Grace who is only 15 months old! Mom Jessica is going to be a busy Mama till Dad finishes MCT, MOS School and gets his PDS and they move! In the meantime, Nana Sandra is happy to help with two beautiful little girls, especially since she only had boys!!!

    Baby Emily

  • November 17, 2008: From Brenda, Proud Marine Mom from El Campo, Texas:
    Welcome Baby Emily Jo!!! Proud Nana Brenda reports that we have a new baby while Daddy Kevin is serving in Iraq. Emily Jo was born November 17,2008 at 3:56 am weighing in at 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. Mommy Melissa was a true champ while giving birth to this new Marine daughter. She is welcomed home by big sister Elisa who is so proud and can't wait for her Daddy to come back home!! Nana Brenda emailed the anxiously awaiting Daddy's SSgt. to get the word to him and also the Red Cross notified him almost 24 hours later. He was able to call the new Mommy who was still at the hospital and even talked to his new baby girl. Nana Brenda is on her way flying out from Texas to San Diego to welcome Emily Jo and spoil her and big sister Elisa while she can. Daddy Kevin still has a few more months in Iraq. What a wonderful Thanksgiving this is for our family!!!

    Maine Baby

  • From Maine:
    Proud Mom Lisa reports a new baby weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces was born on September 17th, 2008 at 1:17 pm. Marine Daddy Woodrow arrived in the states Sept 5th, completed his work on base, and was able to fly home JUST IN TIME for the birth of the baby. He arrived Saturday and the baby was born Wednesday! Talk about a close call!

    Baby MaKayla Rylee

  • Webcam birth shown live in Iraq from Buffalo,NY:
    Proud Aunt Jody reports that Baby MaKayla Rylee was born to Ryan and Elizabeth on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 10:06am. Marine Daddy Ryan is deployed to Iraq. MaKayla weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. Her delivery was live via webcam to Iraq. Marine Daddy Ryan was coaching Mommy and was able to see the entire delivery. Aunt Jody would like to thank for making it all possible.

    Baby Kayden Alexander

  • July 22, 2008: From Tori, Proud Marine Wife
    Proud Mom Tori reports that Baby Kayden Alexander was born on July 22nd, 2008 at 5:30 pm. Marine Daddy Andrew was in MOS school. Kayden weighed in at 7lbs 11oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Luckily it was during the last week of his MOS school so they let him graduate early and go to his duty station before he got his emergency leave. He was so happy to meet his first son Kayden. His Daddy is now a PFC and we're looking forward to finding a house for our new family.

    2006 Babies:


  • From Arkansas:
    Baby Savanna was born on December 24th, 2006 while Daddy, Corporal Jesse, was deployed to Iraq. Savanna weighed 9lbs 1.6 oz and was 21 inches long. Daddy Jesse was able to call about 30 minutes after baby Savanna was born. He is a proud father!


  • Webcam birth shown live in Iraq from Mesquite Medical Center, Texas:
    Proud Grandma Nilda reports that Baby Dominick was born to Manny and Erica on October 25, 2006 at 2:56 p.m. while Marine Daddy Manny was deployed to Iraq. Dominick weighed in at 7lbs 3oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. Dominick's birth and delivery made history at the hospital. His delivery is the first to be on via webcam from Iraq. Marine Daddy was live for 16 hours coaching Mommy and was able to see the entire labor and delivery. The staff at Mesquite Medical Center wanted the family to share their story so other military families may also have the same experience they were given. Grandma Nilda is the proud mother of Marine Manny.


  • From California:
    Baby Conner was born on July 15th, 2006. Daddy was there to celebrate his birth but soon after on 8/31/06 he was deployed to Iraq. Conner was 7lbs 7 oz and 20.4 inches long. Daddy gets tons of updated pictures of him. Dad is stationed out of 29 Palms, CA.

    2005 Babies:


  • From Florida and North Carolina: We have a new baby born while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Angelina Nicole was born November 17, 2005 at 20:51 pm. Mommy and Baby are doing fine. Angelina weighed in at 5 lbs 7.8 ozs and 18-1/4 inches long. Daddy is currently serving in Iraq. He was notified by the Red Cross and an email message to his 1st Sgt. Daddy is based out of Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, and is from Florida.


  • In California: We have a new California baby born October 5, 2005 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Florida: We have a new Florida baby born September 17, 2005 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Click here for photos...


  • We have a new baby born August 30, 2005 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Click here for photos...

    Kathryn Elise, born August 15th 2005 at 4:27 weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz in Beaufort, SC. Daddy Roger was able to call Mommy to find out Kathryn had arrived!


  • In San Antonio, Texas: We have a new baby born July 7, 2005 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq. This precious baby needs our prayers; Grandma says, "Like our Marines, she's a fighter!". Becky now weighs 5 pounds and is 3 months old.
    Click here for photos...

    Joshua, a Marine, announced that he has his second son on the way, due June 15th. We look forward to hearing an update any day! Congratulations Joshua, Mommy and little brother!


  • In Florida: We have a new baby born April 26, 2005 while Daddy was deployed to Okinawa.
    Click here for photos...

    Our baby was born in Maryland while daddy is deployed to Iraq, however we are stationed in 29 Palms when he is home. Faith Susanna was born May 4th, 2005 at 3:42 a.m. She weighed 7 lbs. 4.9 oz. and was 20" long. The proud daddy was able to call fifteen minutes after the birth thanks to the help of a few wonderful people who helped me contact him through the BN Sgt.Maj.

    2003 Babies:


  • In Maryland: We have a new Maryland baby born May 16 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Ohio: We have a new baby born May 13 while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Ohio: We have a new Ohio baby born March 11 while Daddy was deployed to Kuwait.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Washington: We have a new Washington baby born March 11 while Daddy was deployed to Kuwait.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Massachusetts: We have a new Massachusetts baby born March 03 while Daddy was deployed to Kuwait.
    Click here for photos...


  • In Utah: We have a new Utah baby born three days after Daddy was deployed to Kuwait (February 25).
    Click here for photos...


  • At Home: We have a new baby born 12 days after Daddy was deployed to Kuwait (January 29).
    Click here for photos...


  • In Pennsylvania: We have a new Pennsylvania baby born the day after Daddy was deployed to Kuwait (January 25).
    Click here for photos...


  • In New York: We have a new New York baby born January 10, the day before Daddy was deployed to Kuwait.
    Click here for photos...

    May 11, 2003: From Cathy, Marine Girlfriend to Frank from Feasterville, PA
    (H& S Co 3rd BN 7th Marines) On May 11,2003 Mother's Day. I received a call from Frank at 7 a.m. today, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. He wanted to know how our little baby boy was doing who was born while he was in Iraq. He said it is hot over there. And he can't wait to come home to hold our son. He sounded really good. He received 2 packages today from me. He said he had to go because other Marines from his unit were making phone calls to their Mothers also for Mother's Day. We talked for about 15 minutes. I was so happy to hear his voice.

  • In Maryland:
    We have a new Western Maryland Marine baby born while daddy Jason was deployed to Kuwait/Iraq. Logan Alexander was born May, 2003 14 at 8:35 am. He weighs in at 7 lbs. 9 1/2 oz. and is 19 1/4 inches long. The local Red Cross took all of Jason's information and the information on the baby and said that they would try to get a message to him and it would probably take about 24 hours. Mom and baby are doing great. Submitted by Jason's Marine Mom, and now Grandma, Donna.

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