2020 Volunteer Leadership Awards

This year, National Volunteer Week is April 18-24, 2021. MarineParents.com would like to take this time to recognize our volunteers who earned leadership awards!

2020 Volunteer Leadership Awards

Julio Massad

Joan Mobley

Coach of the Year

Joan is a Marine Grandmother who has been a volunteer with Marine Parents since November, 2015. Not only did Joan reach a milestone of five years of service last November, she also reached 4000+ hours of volunteer service. Joan's incredible dedication to our mission shows in everything she does as a leader, team builder, and supporter of recruit and Marine family members. Every volunteer who has had the pleasure of working with Joan sings the praises of Joan's warmth and compassion. Her likeable personality has led to long-term friendships with family members and volunteers through the years. We appreciate all Joan does for her team and the family members of recruits and Marines! The mission of this organization shines through the hearts of volunteers like Joan!

In 2020, Joan volunteered a total of 1130 hours.

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Kellie Page

Kellie Page

Assistant Coach of the Year

Kellie is a Marine Mom who has been a volunteer with MarineParents.com since March of 2019. Kellie has an immense passion for her role as Assistant Coach for our RTBN Parris Island and San Diego Facebook groups. She is always willing to help wherever there is a need as she guides recruit family members through the boot camp journey. She is very organized and does a fantastic job of guiding new volunteers through the training process, a job that requires a lot of patience and the ability to encourage others while teaching them as well. Kellie's passion for her role as Assistant Coach trickles down to the other volunteers and makes her a joy to work with! We are so thankful for everything Kellie has done for this organization, volunteers, and the family members of recruits and Marines. The future of the organization is bright because of volunteers like Kellie!

In 2020, Kellie volunteered a total of 885 hours.

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Nicole Edmundson

Nicole Edmundson

Volunteer Spirit Award

Nicole is the Mother of a Marine and has been a volunteer with the MarineParents.com since April, 2017. The foundation of the organization is volunteer service and Nicole's foundation is volunteer service. Nicole's unfailing "I can do that, too!" has given her opportunities to volunteer in virtually every group for every stage of the Marine Corps in support of thousands of recruit and Marine family members. Nicole has worn nearly every volunteer hat, performed every volunteer duty, and held every volunteer title in the organization. Her performance and dedication never waivers. Her ability to step up where there is a need never waivers. Her volunteer spirit never waivers. We appreciate Nicole's never-ending dedication and willingness to commit to volunteer service. The organization is a better place because of her volunteerism.

In 2020, Nicole volunteered a total of 960.28 hours.

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