September Volunteers - Amazing Passion!

MarineParents would like to thank the following volunteers for their time and dedication! For the month of September our volunteers clocked 5,829 hours! OOH-RAH!

September Volunteers - Amazing Passion!

MarineParents is very proud to have over 200 volunteers that dedicate their time to support YOU, our Marine families, in all stages of the corps, from poolee to veteran. Thank you to the following volunteers for their contribution to our support groups.

God Bless and Semper Family!

Volunteer Spotlight - Becky Nielsen

Today we shine the spotlight on Becky Nielsen!

Becky has been a volunteer with MarineParents since August 2019. Becky currently holds 3 volunteer positions with Marine Parents:

Assistant Group Leader 1st Battalion Bravo San Diego
Group Guide 1st Battalion Charlie San Diego
Group Guide Reserves

We asked Becky to share her personal experience as a volunteer:

Why did you decide to volunteer with MarineParents?

"I wanted to volunteer with MarineParents because the RTBN group I was in was so helpful to me. Boot camp is hard for parents and loved ones and the Bravo group really helped me get through the whole process. The volunteers were always there to help out with our questions and gave us answers even if we didn't like the answer. My son hadn't given me much information and I was pretty lost especially in the beginning. The volunteers gave us lots of information. Information helps alleviate fear, and that really helped me. The group helped me to understand that what I was feeling was valid and that many loved ones felt the same way. Knowing you are not alone is huge and my RTBN group showed me I wasn't alone in this crazy adventure. So the reason I decided to volunteer is pretty simple. I wanted to help other people like me who had gotten thrown into this role be able to adapt and feel comfortable in this journey.

The journey of a Military family is tough. We know our loved ones are always in harms way and it isn't something that friends who don't have military members in their families really understand. Bravo helped me find friends who are walking the same path and have similar struggles."

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with MarineParents?

"What do I find the most rewarding about volunteering with MarineParents, that is a hard question to answer. There are so many things that are rewarding. I love being able to be there for the families. Many family members are in the same boat I was in when my son started boot camp. I didn't know anything about the Marine Corps except that they were the first to fight and that really scared me. I found out that lots of family members felt the same way I did. So if I can help ease someone's journey into the Marine Corps family I find that very rewarding. I also love the fellowship with the other volunteers. We really care about each other. I have made many dear friends though MarineParents, not only with other volunteers but with members in the groups. We are a family and we are there for each other. You feel that with MarineParents."

What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering?

"I would tell someone who is interested in volunteering that MarineParents is a great organization in which to volunteer. We all need support once in a while and this is a great way to support others who are traveling a similar path. The training takes a while to complete but everyone is so helpful along the way. The groups are staffed by several knowledgeable volunteers and they are always available to help each other out. We work as a team and fill in for each other when life interferes. I love being able to volunteer for MarineParents. It is a great way to be of service."

With 580 volunteer hours since August 2019, we thank Becky for her dedication to the members of our MarineParents groups! OOH-RAH!! MarineParents could not do this without our amazing volunteers!

Click here to read Becky's bio page.

MarineParents would like to thank the following volunteers for their time and dedication!

Allison Wadowski

Allison Wadowski

Allison is the Group Leader for 1st Battalion Delta Parris Island and the Assistant Group Leader for 2st Battalion Bravo Parris Island. Allison volunteered 149.39 hours in September!

Click here to read Allison's bio page.

Ammie Hennigan

Ammie Hennigan

Ammie is the Assistant Group Leader for 2nd Battalion Golf San Diego, Assistant Group Leader for SOI ITB W (School of Infantry), and Group Guide for our Marine Parents Group. Ammie volunteered 147.85 hours in September!

Click here to read Ammie's bio page.

Sue George

Sue George

Sue is a Group Guide for 2nd Battalion Golf San Diego, Marine Parents Group, Fleet Camp Pendleton, Fleet Hawaii, and Fleet 29 Palms. Sue volunteered 126.82 hours in September!

Click here to read Sue's bio page.

Stacie Theis

Stacie Theis

Stacie is the Assistant Coach for San Diego, Group Leader for 3rd Battalion India San Diego, Group Guide 3rd Battalion Kilo San Diego, and Group Guide for 1st Battalion Alpha San Diego. Stacie volunteered 107.62 hours in September!

Click here to read Stacie's bio page.

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