2020 Volunteer Appreciation: Community Relations Volunteers

We want to thank our Community Relations volunteers for all the hard work they put in each day!

2020 Volunteer Appreciation

It's time to recognize our Community Relations volunteers!

We want to thank our Community Relations volunteers for all the hard work they put in each day! The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some changes in the way they can host events, and relay information to the family and friends of poolees, recruits, and Marines. However, they have been adaptable and have not let that get in the way of supporting everyone who follows MarineParents.com for information. Their dedication certainly does not go unnoticed.

A few years ago, we opened up a new position for volunteers who do not necessarily want to volunteer in our Official MarineParents.com Facebook groups. Community Relations volunteers will often work with local recruiters to pass out MarineParents brochures and other information to be passed out to poolees and their families. They will also attend poolee events and family nights hosted by recruiters to talk about the Marine Parents organization and how we support recruits, Marines, and their families through every stage of their career in the Corps.

Nearly two years ago, we started Connect & Share® events to give Marine family and friends the opportunity to meet in person. These events would normally take place at a restaurant or a park and everyone would share stories. The Community Relations volunteer would pass out literature and answer questions.

Due to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Relations volunteers have been unable to hold live Connect & Share® events. At the beginning of April, we brought back our live chat room and gave volunteers the opportunity to host a chat night for a particular category. This gives Marine family and friends the opportunity to ask questions and chat with others while still respecting the guidelines set forth by each respective community.

The chat is held each night for at least two hours (3 hours on Friday's) and the scheduled topics are as follows:

  • Sunday: SOI (MCT & ITB) and MOS
  • Monday: Recruit (Boot Camp)
  • Tuesday: Fleet & Reserves
  • Wednesday (Miercoles): Español Recruit & Marine
  • Saturday: All Stages

Thursday Nights

  • 1st Thursday of the month:
    After the Corps (families w/ veterans)
  • 2nd Thursday of the month:
    Officer Candidate School (includes OCS & TBS)
  • 3rd Thursday of the month:
    Poolee Night (Pre-Boot Camp)
  • 4th Thursday of the month:
    Recruit Medical (RSBN/MRP)

Friday Night Groups by STATES

Friday nights will be for groups of Marine Corps families by state and grouped into regions.

1st Friday of the Month:
(*The chat room stays open 1 hour later.)

  • REGION 1: West North West (Green)
  • REGION 2: West (Purple)

2nd Friday of the Month:

  • REGION 3: South West (Pink)

3rd Friday of the Month:

  • REGION 4: Mid States (Blue)

4th Friday of the Month:
(*The chat room opens 1 hour earlier.)

  • REGION 5: North East (YELLOW)
  • REGION 6: South East (RED)

Thank you again to our Community Relations volunteers! Your hard work, adaptability, and dedication to our mission is a wonderful asset to our organization!

God Bless and Semper Family!

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