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Becky Nielsen

Volunteering since 2019-08-07
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2020: 619.91

Becky is relatively new to MarineParents. Her youngest child chose to claim the title of United States Marine. Erik went to recruit training in January 2019. He is currently in the Reserves. Her oldest, Kaleb is a structural engineer in Kansas City, MO. He and his wife, Laura are parents to four very active young boys. Her middle child, Elizabeth is a stay at home mom in Billings MT. She and her husband Brooks have a son and a daughter. Becky is a mental health therapist in private practice in Great Falls, MT.

Becky became interested in volunteering with MarineParents while Erik was in boot camp. She received so much encouragement and support from the volunteers with her RTBN group. Not knowing anything about the Marine Corps the Facebook group became a lifeline. She is hoping to be able to assist other families on this scary and rewarding adventure.

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