Travel: Camp Pendleton

Retrograde is the return of deployed Marines, better known as homecoming for our Marine parents, spouses, family and friends. Retrograde includes return from MEUs/floats as well as in-country deployments (overseas stations)


If you are traveling to Camp Pendleton for the first time it is best to make things as easy as possible for yourself. There are many entrances to this base, however, there are a few specific entrances that have visitor centers that will help you get to the place you need to be without going anywhere you are not allowed.

The north San Onofre entrance is the closest entrance to SOI, so if you are visiting a Marine or attending an SOI graduation this would be the best place to enter the base for you. The Marines at the visitor center can help you get to where you need to go from there.

It will depend which unit your Marine is with to determine which entrance you will need to use. The reason being that some entrances are closer to where those units operate. The other two entrances with visitor centers to assist you are the main gate off of Interstate 5, and the San Luis Rey gate at the back entrance. While you can still enter at the other gates, there is a chance that the gate guard will have you turn around and go to one of those three entrances. This will depend on the gate guard, their mood, the time of day/night, among other factors. Do NOT assume that because you made it on base without problems once that will be the case every time.

Unit/Battalion Information Pages

For specifics about homecoming dates and other information, your primary contact for parents of Marines and loved ones will be the FRO, or Family Readiness Officer. Contact information for the FRO can be found on the, Inc. Unit Information Pages.

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