How long does it take for care packages to arrive?

The time for care packages to arrive to our deployed troops overseas varies widely. Different factors affect the delivery times such as:

  • the country your Marine is stationed
  • time frame s/he will be stationed in country (packages will not be delivered the last 2-3 weeks your Marine is in country)
  • location in country
  • method of transportation to arrive "in country" (ships or "floats" have scheduled mail drop dates; mail is not dropped daily)

You can generally count on about 2 weeks for your care packages to arrive at your Marine's base station in the Middle East and 1-2 weeks for arrival to the Pacific Region.

After the packages arrive "in country", they will need to be sorted for delivery to your Marine. Your Marine most likely has a base station that s/he reports to and possibly stores his/her gear. This may also be the same location s/he accesses a calling center when phoning home. Generally the care package will be delivered to that location for your Marine. If your Marine is not at the base camp, s/he will receive the package upon his/her return to the base camp. This could add an additional delay to your packages actually getting to your Marine.

The Marine Corps uses a "Unit ID" addressing system for combat deployed Marines so the location of your Marine is not actually part of the mailing address you are using.

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