COVID-19 Impact on OCS & TBS

Several sections of our website and information are being updated to reflect changes in Marine Corps policy for training, travel, and procedures as we progress through the Covid Pandemic. Please bear with us as we work through changes. Updates are ongoing beginning May 5, 2021.

COVID-19 Impact on OCS & TBS

COVID-19 Impact on USMC, Marines, and Family Members

Arrival to OCS

Upon arrival to Restriction of Movement (ROM) site, candidates will begin the intake process. They will remain at the ROM site and will be tested for Covid-19 as well as the usual additional evaluations that take place. The OCS Facebook page posted on May 24, 2021 that candidates remain in quarantine for two weeks before being released to begin training. Recruit training at Parris Island recently reduced the time in quarantine for recruits to 1 week. We will update this page if OCS decides to that as well.

OCS Graduations

Certain graduation ceremonies may be closed to the public while others are allowing invited guests. From the information we can gather, this decision is up to each individual company. For example, the upcoming India Company Completion ceremony on July 9, 2021 will be closed to the public. OCS has informed us that historically, India Company has always closed its graduation ceremonies. Until more information is provided or a specific announcement is made about each company, your Officer Candidate will be your best source for information.

The Basic School

The procedures in regards to Covid-19 at TBS are not clear at this time. We can not assume they are operating the same as other training regiments. Until more information is made available, your Marine will be your best source for information.

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