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Jennifer Landreth

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BOOT Coach
PreBCG Group Guide MRP
PostBCG Group Guide SOI ITB E

Jennifer Landreth

Volunteering since 2017-06-05
Total Service Hours: 2203.09
Total Service Hours in 2024: 9.7

Jenn works as an Insurance Representative and lives in rural Illinois. She and her husband's only child, graduated from MCRD in May, 2017 and is now at his PDS. They also have two dachshunds that have managed to keep her occupied since her son has started this new chapter in his life.

Jenn chose to volunteer for Marine Parents because of the wonderful support she received while her son transitioned from Poolee to Recruit to Marine. She is so grateful for the volunteers and fellow Marine families who took the time to make each phase a little easier. The support and encouragement she and her family received while her son was held up during boot camp in MRP was so important. Jennifer feels that knowing an encouraging word or answer to a question is only a click away can make the whole process easier. She wanted to be a part of Marine Parents to give back and helps other families navigate through this new chapter in their lives.

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