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Valerie Nelson

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Valerie Nelson

Volunteering since 2023-01-03
Total Service Hours: 51.57
Total Service Hours in 2024: 6.57

Valerie is a mom to three young men. Her eldest is in the USAF, #2 is pursuing an accounting degree, and her youngest is her Marine. Her Marine has just completed his first year in the USMC, and he has recently moved to his PDS in Okinawa. She moved from the UK 23 years ago and has since made Fort Worth, Texas her home. She is a Nurse and has been working in pediatric oncology for the past 8 years. She got married in December 2022, and her husband and she live with their 4 dogs in their dream home.

When her son enlisted in the USMC, it came as a complete surprise, not having been a topic of conversation prior. In an effort to be as informed as possible, she quickly became familiar with the various Facebook groups and the MarineParents page. Knowing how helpful the pages were and the support that was gleaned she wanted to be able to give back and help others who were in a similar situation.

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