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Robin Scott

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Robin Scott

Volunteering since 2022-12-14
Total Service Hours: 63.73
Total Service Hours in 2023: 63.73

Robin is a retired RN and California native who has lived in Northwest Washington for the past 25 years. She’s been married for 32 years to Michael (yes, Michael Scott - they get a lot of Office jokes!). Her constant furry companion is a collie, shepherd & Rottweiler rescue named Abby, who loves walks around the lake at the bottom of their road & down by the bay followed promptly by her after-walk doggie treat. Robin enjoys reading & is always in the middle of a book or two, most often historical fiction & since becoming a MoM, books by & about Marines. She loves a creamy vanilla Chai in winter while snuggled on the couch watching the fog clear over the mountain out her family room window. Her eldest son, the 5th Marine in her family, is a Marine Reservist, an air delivery specialist & jump master, who drills at JBLM and recently graduated from Western Washington University. Her youngest son is a sophomore at Washington State University, who enjoys quarterbacking for the intramural team that just won their championship! Go Cougs!

Robin’s son sprung his enlistment decision upon his parents two days before he was to start college, so she needed to find a lot of USMC information quickly, which she was able to do thanks to Marine Parents. The info, support, and guidance provided by the Marine Parents website and then the multiple FaceBook pages she joined have been a Godsend, so she felt compelled to repay that blessing by throwing her hat into the volunteer ring.

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