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Diana Wolfe

Volunteering since 2017-05-04
Total Service Hours: 5251.38
Total Service Hours in 2024: 517.74

Diana started as a platoon parent for 2nd Battalion, Fox Company, San Diego. She now serves as the SOI West MCT Group Leader, Group Guide for OCS/TBS, and Group Guide for India Company, 3rd RTBN, Parris Island. Her goal is to continue supporting family members through their experiences.

Diana is a mother of three and is a proud Grandma to four grandchildren. Her youngest son is her Marine. He is married and the proud parent of one of her granddaughters. Her middle child is her daughter, who is in Property Management and parent to one of her grandsons. Her oldest son installs Heating and Cooling systems and he and his wife are parents to both her oldest granddaughter and her youngest grandson.

Diana wanted to volunteer for Marine Parents because of the importance of helping other families through the boot camp journey as well as helping them understand what comes next. She knows the importance of reaching out to other parents going through this process and communicates with them to let them know she knows what they are going through and that they are not alone. She would like to help other parents and family members learn and understand their son’s and daughter’s journey in the Marine Corps.

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