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Valerie Campbell

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BOOT Manager
PostBCG Group Guide SOI ITB W

Valerie Campbell

Volunteering since 2017-01-12
Total Service Hours: 3713.43
Total Service Hours in 2023: 45.89

Valerie is an extremely proud, Marine Mom who served as the Platoon Parent for 2nd Battalion, Hotel Company, San Diego, where her son trained in becoming a Marine. She is currently a Group Leader for the ITB West group and also the Coach for Team Boot.

Valerie lives in Canyon, Texas where she runs a home daycare. Her passion is being a mom and through her work, she is provided an opportunity to not only serve as a mom to her own three children but to lots of little ones every day. Her oldest daughter is mom to the most amazing little bit and a therapist at a Mental Health Hospital. Valerie's son trained at MCRD San Diego where he fulfilled his dream of becoming a Marine and is currently a Marine Corp Water Survival Instructor and a Combat Marksmanship Instructor. Valerie's youngest daughter is her last little angel at home and keeps Mom busy raising a teenage girl. Valerie found through her son's recruiter, being immediately drawn in and thrilled to find an amazing resource of information. She has always been very involved In her children's interests and this was a great place to connect with other parents, gather more information, and find support.

Valerie wanted to become a part of this fantastic resource and being a volunteer would be a perfect fit for her. As a very positive and empathetic individual, she wants to help others on the same journey and become a source of support, encouragement, and knowledge for them.

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