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Jennifer Brown

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Jennifer Brown

Volunteering since 2016-10-03
Total Service Hours: 4763.74
Total Service Hours in 2023: 87.03

Jennifer is a very proud Marine mom from Fort Myers, Florida, has been a Marine Parents volunteer since October 2016. Jennifer's Marine is the first in her family to join the military. She enjoys encouraging and supporting others with a son or daughter in the Marine Corps.

Jennifer is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and has called Florida her home for over eight years. Her Marine served four years in the Corps and went to college after his Marine Corps service. Jennifer has a daughter who will graduate from college this year and go on to pursue her master's degree. Jennifer is a huge dog lover and active volunteer with dog rescue and provides foster care for orphaned dogs until they find their "forever" homes.

Jennifer found Marine Parents soon after her son left for boot camp. At the time, she was constantly searching for information and trying to learn as much as possible to help her through this process. The information and support from Marine Parents has helped Jennifer navigate her way through this journey. She realized that volunteering would not only educate her in every aspect of boot camp and the Marines, but would also allow her to provide support and encouragement to others as they go through their own personal journey with their recruit.

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