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Mary Korte

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PostBCG Assistant Group Leader SOI MCT W
PostBCG Group Leader SOI MCT E

Mary Korte

Volunteering since 2022-02-16
Total Service Hours: 576.87
Total Service Hours in 2023: 247.87

Mary is the proud MoM to Michael who graduated from MCRD San Diego in December 2021 with Delta. OooRah! She is obsessed with cooking, baking, and “The Great British Baking Show.” She enjoys walking for exercise, stained glass art, and football. She is currently working in sales and has previously worked in higher education and multifamily apartment housing.

Mary joined in hopes she can help families on their journey as much as the volunteers for Delta helped her. Her degree in higher education set her up to help her son traverse the process of going to college- and then what does he do but become a Marine! Thankfully, some of the lessons learned transitioning so many students and families to university life apply to being a Marine parent: 1. Stay calm. 2. Trust them and the process. 3. Realize there will be hurdles and people to help you through them. 4. Be flexible. 5. Step back and watch them grow! We are here to support you and your Marine and it’s an honor to assist.

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