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Yvonne Mercado

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Yvonne Mercado

Volunteering since 2022-01-23
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 79.79

Yvonne has lived in Southern California most of her life. She is blessed to be the mom of 4 boys and grandma to a princess. Her sons range in age from 33 to 19. She's the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Her Marine is the youngest of the 4 and the only one to join the military. She and his brothers couldn't be prouder of him. Because of the large age gap, the eldest 3 are like fathers to our Marine. He graduated from Boot Camp in August 2021 and is currently at his PDS.

Yvonne has become an empty nester with her youngest now a Marine. She thought a great use of her time would be to help other families navigate through this unique adventure. She wants to give back what she has been given and continues to receive, the valuable information, compassion, and comfort that she has found in all the groups she joined through while following her Marine's journey.

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