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Theresa Nicolosi

Theresa's Positions
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PI 3rd RTBN Assistant Group Leader PI Kilo
PI 2nd RTBN Assistant Group Leader PI Fox

Theresa Nicolosi

Volunteering since 2021-01-25
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 6.62

Theresa is happily married with two sons (one is a Parris Island Graduate), and also lives with 3 rescue dogs (Pitbull mix, Bull-oxer, French/English Bulldog). She works full-time as a territory manager for a worldwide insurance carrier and also is a SPIN and Group Exercise Instructor. Aside from bringing up her sons, her next passion is health and fitness. She works with young people to generate interest in taking control of their own health and fitness, aiding them in reaching goals or setting themselves up for a healthy lifestyle!

Theresa's son is the first in her family to embark on a military career. Upon entering the Marine Recruit Center the first time, Theresa was looking through information to educate herself on the training and role of a parent. Much of what provided her with the information she desired came from a MarineParents portfolio of information. From there, Theresa read through Facebook pages authored by, and she also requested membership to the company group her son was headed into. Theresa quickly became an avid supporter of the organization through a host of EGA Shop purchases, for her son's birthday prior to his departure. Theresa has felt a connection to the organization since she first grasped the folio of information on the USMC, and participated in the Facebook groups.

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