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Kelly Lycka

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SD 1st RTBN Group Guide SD Delta
SD 1st RTBN Assistant Group Leader SD Bravo

Kelly Lycka

Volunteering since 2020-07-13
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 149.33

Kelly is relatively new to MarineParents. Her oldest son earned the title of United States Marine during a Global Pandemic, in 2020. He enlisted in January, Military Delayed Enlistment (DEP) in February, and shipped to MCRD SD in March and then graduated in July of 2020. Her middle child is attending Texas A&M and is becoming a Mechanical Engineer. She is also minoring in Computer Science. The youngest daughter is still in elementary school and misses her big brother. Kelly is a Piping Lead and designs the layout for Chemical Plants, Oil and Gas Refineries, Offshore, Power Generation and Manufacturing facilities. She moved to Texas, where she met her husband and they raised their family.

Kelly became interested in volunteering with MarineParents while her son was in boot camp. She received so much support and encouragement throughout the process with her RTBN group. Not knowing anything about the Marine Corps, the Facebook group became a lifeline and family for her. She is hoping to be able to assist other families going through this adventure.

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