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Laurie Eisenhart

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Laurie Eisenhart

Volunteering since 2022-06-12
Total Service Hours: 196.69
Total Service Hours in 2024: 4.28

Laurie is a proud MoM of her one and only son. Currently 25, her son grew up with Laurie’s siblings, who are 33, 31, and 28, so it was no different than growing up with his own siblings. Laurie’s son graduated from MCRD in San Diego in July 2021. She was blessed to be the second group back that was allowed to be at graduation after COVID. She imagined how hard it would have been if she was not there for graduation. Her family resides in Colorado. Laurie has been back in Colorado since 2001. It allowed Laurie to help her mom with her siblings and her grandparents whom she was very close. Laurie has many passions in life, including playing Women’s Semi-Pro Tackle football, which won the Division 2National Championship in July 2022. She loves the times spent with her nieces and family and spending time with her partner and five dogs at their farmhouse built in 1936 and their acre of land. The dogs essentially have their own dog park. Finally, volunteering with animal rescue groups and supporting young ladies breaking the barriers in the tackle football world are big priorities in her life.

Laurie’s son is not the only member of their family that has served in the military. Her grandfather and 3 of his brothers all served in World War II. Her grandfather was a part of the 12th Armored Division, known as the Hellcats, aka “Mystery Division,” that served under General George Patton. One of his brothers also served in the army and not only landed in Normandy but survived the battle. The 3rd brother of the military quad served in the Navy, and his ship left Pearl Harbor 2 days before the bombing. The fourth brother was a Marine (ooh-rah) that was instrumental in training the young Marines for the war. Both of Laurie’s grandfathers were also in the Korean Conflict (War). While both of her grandfathers served in Korea, her paternal grandfather was recognized as a hero. He received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge. Her family is very proud of their past relatives and are grateful for their service. The family is also very proud of Laurie’s son as he continues his journey as a Marine.

Laurie has not always had enough time to volunteer or be at every event of her son’s as she was a single mother working three jobs and finishing her education. Hence, being part of this volunteer group is very exciting. When her son was a recruit at San Diego, she fell upon the MarineParents Facebook group, not expecting much information or support. Laurie was so surprised, overwhelmed, and grateful for all the volunteers she came across. She learned so much and was a sponge for more information. Laurie knew within the first two weeks of her time in the Alpha and Charlie Company groups that she wanted to become a volunteer. She wanted to help future families through the same challenges that she faced, and she wanted to do it like the volunteers that helped her.

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