Marine Corps Recruiters Enjoy a Day With Family

Recruiters to Six Flags

Marines often work odd and long hours. For the most part, the Marines that come to mind are Drill Instructors or Marines deployed, and rightfully so. However, often lost in the shuffle are Marine Corps Recruiters. Recruiters spend a large amount of time away from their families conducting poolee functions, driving poolees to and from MEPS, and filling out paperwork. Recruiters work long hours seven days a week and do not get to spend much time with family. held a fundraiser to give a group of Marine Corps recruiters and Marines who work in the recruiting offices from the New York city area a break from their duties by sending them to Six Flags to spend some much needed time with their family members.

We needed to raise money for admission fees but also transportation as most Marines who work in the New York area do not have their own transportation.

The total costs for the tickets and parking were $3,376.92. There were 78 tickets purchased for Marines and family members. The cost of two chartered buses was just under $6,000.

Our supporters and followers generously donated $4,200 to help us fund this trip. We can't thank you enough for the generosity and support of this fundraiser. Your donations made it possible for these Marine recruiters and their family members to spend some time together, which is a rare occurence for them at times.

God Bless and Semper Fi!

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