Dollars for Doers Program

A Dollars for Doers program is a corporate employee giving program in which a company provides grants to nonprofits where employees and retirees volunteer on a regular basis.

Each company that has a Dollars for Doers program defines the guidelines differently. Those guidelines will normally consist of:

  • Types of eligible organizations
  • Minimum number of volunteer hours required for eligibility
  • Grant amounts per volunteer hour or based on passing certain volunteer thresholds
  • Eligibility of employees (full time vs. part time vs. retirees)

The average Dollars for Doers program offers $10-$15 per volunteer hour, however the amounts will vary with each company. Dollars for Doers programs are not only for current employees but also for retired employees, depending on the company.

The Dollars for Doers program may be known by other names as well. Alternative names include:

  • Matching Time Programs
  • Dollar for Hour Programs
  • Grants for Time Programs

We recommend asking your employer if they take advantage of this program to benefit further from your volunteer hours.

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