Official Marine Corps Publications

The following are links to OFFICIAL Marine Corps or Department of Defense publications.

Social Media

Marines Social Media Handbook

Throughout the Marine Corps' history, people have discussed, debated and embraced the United States Marine Corps and our Marines. These discussions continue today through online conversations and social networks. The Corps recognizes the importance of participating in these conversations and has a basic set of social media principles to help empower Marines and our community to participate in the discussions as better communicators and improved representatives of our Corps.

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DOD Dictionary

DoD Dictionary of Military Terms

This is 600-page PDF file published by the Department of Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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Defence Seal

Department of Defense News Portal

The Department of Defense launched a new home page August 17, 2009,, designed to invite participation from the public and make military news and information more accessible. The new Web site will provide quick access to those sites that are most sought by Web site visitors, including DoD social media sites, the Pentagon Channel and DoD news stories.

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Marine Corps Manual

A Marine Parents supporter suggested we include this manual on our list. This Marine Corps Manual is issued for the instruction and guidance of all persons in the Department of the Navy in matters concerning the Marine Corps.

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