Embracing All Stages of the Marine Corps

Embracing All Stages of the Marine Corps

Why We Need to Support and Respect EVERY Stage of the Journey

From Marine Parents Founder, Tracy Della Vecchia:
As I reflect on the 20 years of service to Marines and their family members there is one thing I know: everyone is in a different stage of being a Marine family member. Prior to 9/11, I had no idea that the course of my existence would change so drastically. But it did. My son was at Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego and our country was going to war.

When you compare the journey of each of our Marine Parents, family members, and Marines, we each have our own stories to tell and we're each on the journey at a different level of understanding and the emotions that go along with it. It's important to embrace the career stage that each of us is experiencing, as that is the definition of the Marine Corps family.

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Crucible Candles to Light During the Crucible


The Crucible is the culmination of training for recruits in boot camp. Since 2005, families have lit candles during the Crucible to support their soon-to-be Marine. Order your candle today!

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