Jennifer Brown Celebrates 5 Years of Volunteering

Jennifer Brown Celebrates 5 Years of Volunteering

A Person with Passion and Dedication to Service

Congratulations to Jennifer for reaching the milestone of 5 years of volunteer service. Jennifer has been a volunteer since October of 2016. She's the mother of two; her son is her Marine, now a veteran, and her daughter attends college a few hours from her home in Ft. Myers, Florida. Jennifer has served in all of our official Facebook groups in some capacity through the years. Her knowledge base encompasses every career stage of the Marine Corps.

Jennifer is the person we would all like to be when we grow up. She's intelligent, committed, and passionate about her work and volunteer service. She's got a huge heart and you would be a lucky person to have her call you friend.
—Tracy Della Vecchia, Founder

Jennifer found Marine Parents soon after her son left for boot camp. At the time, she was constantly searching for information and trying to learn as much as possible to help her through this process. The information and support from Marine Parents have helped Jennifer navigate her way through this journey. She realized that volunteering would not only educate her in every aspect of boot camp and the Marines but would also allow her to provide support and encouragement to others as they go through their own personal journey with their recruit.

We're lucky to have Jennifer as a volunteer with the organization. We appreciate her time and talent beyond words. Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do for our volunteers, for the members of our groups, and for the Marine Corps community. Congratulations on this incredible milestone. We appreciate you.

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