FIVE Years of Service and Going Strong!

FIVE Years of Service and Going Strong!

Valerie Campbell is an AMAZING Volunteer!

Congratulations to Valerie for achieving 5 years of volunteer service with MarineParents. Valerie is the coach for our official Facebook Groups we refer to as MP Team Boot. These include our Poolee Group, Medical Rehab Group, and all of our SOI and MOS Groups. She works with exceptionally strong and committed volunteers—others on her team are quickly approaching five years of service as well!

Valerie is a consistent and strong presence on the team, supporting new Marine family members and her team with accurate information and years of experience.
— Tracy Della Vecchia, Founder

Valerie found through her son's recruiter, being immediately drawn in and thrilled to find an amazing resource of information. She has always been very involved In her children's interests and this was a great place to connect with other parents, gather more information, and find support. It became the perfect place to volunteer for Valerie. And she's been diligent and committed since January 2017, more than five years now!

Thank you, Valerie, for all you do and continue to do for the organization and our newly-minted Marine family members with a Marine in SOI and MOS schooling.

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