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The family of websites receives over 10 million visitors each year. The Marine Parents newsletter, published twice monthly, goes out to over 53,000 recipients. Statistics are based on data from March, 2014.

We offer three ways to advertise on 1) rotating banners at the top of all web sites, 2) newsletter advertising, and 3) hotel and business listings.

For additional information, email us at:

  1: Rotating Banners 2: Newsletter Advertising
Description Banner at the top of each web site. Shared rotation. Click-through to link of your choice. Image plus short tag line in the "sponsors" section of the newsletter. Newsletter sent out every two weeks. Click-through to link of your choice.
Duration 1 calendar month per newsletter
  • jpeg, gif, or png file
  • 488x122 pixels
  • jpeg, gif, or png file
  • 150x150 pixels
  • Tag line up to 8 words
  • Cost $220 $.006 per contact (recipient). Final amount varies based on number of contacts as follows:

    51,000-51,999 = $306
    52,000-52,999 = $312
    53,000-53,999 = $318
    54,000-54,999 = $324
    55,000-55,999 = $330
    56,000-56,999 = $336

    Current Statistics:
    February 2013:
    52,000 contacts
    $312 per Newsletter

    Click for Archive Newsletters
    Note: The cost of newsletter advertising is the same for both the Marine Parents Newsletter and the Recruit Parents Newsletter.

      3: Hotel or Business Listings
    Hotel Listing Description Chart of hotels near the Marine Corps Recruit Depots available on either San Diego Hotels or Parris Island Hotels page. Other advertising may be purchased in addition to hotel listings.
    Duration 1 year
    Specifications Includes hotel or business name, phone, web site, hotel rate information, and amenities. Text only; no images. Up to 5 lines of text below the name of the hotel or business. Hotels and businesses are listed in alphabetical order.
    Cost $220 per year
    Listing Administration Fee $30 when applicable, per update (beyond 1 per year at no charge)

    Terms and Conditions: Advertising rates subject to change without notice. Web site advertising campaigns run for 30 days based on calendar month. Newsletter advertising rates are per newsletter edition. Advertiser is responsible for supplying ad copy and gif or jpeg images 5 days prior to start of the campaign. All advertising must be paid in full in advance of the service. Reservations for advertising are accepted with a 50% deposit and balance due 10 days prior to beginning advertising campaign.

    Design: Hourly rate of $60 will be charged for designing a gif or jpeg. Requests for designs must be made 10 business days prior to start of advertising campaign.

    Right to Refuse:, Inc. reserves the right to refuse advertising from any company or organization.

    • Online Donation to Marine Parents Outreach Programs to Support Our Troops
    • Online Donation to Marine Parents Outreach Programs to Support Our Troops
    Marine Parents for families of Marines and Recruits to Connect and Share®

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    Our Programs

    The Care Package Project
    Care Package Project™
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    Purple Heart Hero Support™
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    Gold Star Family Support
    Gold Star Family Support™
    Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Support Team
    Wounded, Ill, and Injured
    Warrior Support Team™
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    After the Corps ™
    Gold Star Luminary
    Luminary Initiative
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