Travel Assistance Boot Camp Graduations

The mission of our Travel Assistance program is to support Marine Corps recruits by assisting one of his/her family members who shows significant financial need, to attend boot camp graduation events so the Marine is not alone. Click here to learn more about the program and who can apply.


Do not submit the online application until you have read and understand the guidelines on this page. Submitting the application according to these guidelines and the time line provided is required to be considered for Travel Assistance.


TIMELINE: If you feel you may qualify for Travel Assistance due to financial hardship, you may turn in your application beginning the week of TRAINING WEEK 2 of boot camp which is the start of the third week after your recruit ships to boot camp, and no later than TRAINING WEEK 10. Applications made before Training Week 2 or after Training Week 10 will not be taken into consideration.


Applicants must exhibit a financial hardship determined at the sole discretion of staff during review of applications. Depending on donations, funds may be limited for the number of applications accepted per recruit. Applicants must meet one of the following familial criteria:

  1. Couple: Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) of the Recruit
    • one or both applicants must be the recruit's parent or legal guardian
    • application must be completed jointly and travel as a couple
  2. Individual: Parent/Legal Guardian of the Recruit
    • applicant must be the recruit's parent or legal guardian
    • application must be completed as an individual
  3. Individual: Spouse of the Recruit
    • applicant must be the recruit's legally married spouse
    • application must be completed as an individual


Please review the section titled "information you need to know to apply". We encourage you to begin gathering information and copies of supporting documents at least one week prior to filling out the application online. If you have gathered all of the information required, the process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


Copies of documentation must include your Application ID.

After completing the online application, you will be asked to submit copies of the required documentation. From the time we make the request to you, you will have three business days to send the documentation to us. Failure to submit required documentation within three business days will void your application.

The following documents will be required; for joint applications, both parties must submit required documentation. Documents must be current and your government-issued identification cannot be expired.

  1. Copy of Government-Issued Identification Card
  2. Copy of your most recent pay check stub
  3. Copy of recent documentation for other income such as food stamps, social security, and/or unemployment
  4. Copy of recent documentation for expenses such as car payment, rent or mortgage payment

Documentation may be sent via US Mail, E-mail, or Fax. Do not send documentation until AFTER you have completed the online application and received your Application ID Number. Instructions for sending your supporting documentation will be sent to you in the email confirmation you receive from Your unique Application ID Number will be sent to you in the same email. You will be asked to write the ID number on the documents you submit.


Your application will NOT include Social Security Numbers or Birthdates and we will not collect that information from you. Your application and any supporting documents you submit are used for the sole purpose of determining your financial need. The application is submitted on our secured server as a precautionary step. We secure your application and supporting documents at our corporate office, however we do not warrant or guarantee confidentiality of information you submit on the form.


If you qualify for travel assistance, the award will include reimbursement for a portion of your airline ticket which you must purchase yourself. The award amount will vary depending on assessment of your financial situation. Approved reimbursement for airline travel will be a check cut to you upon receipt of your flight itinerary and proof of purchase. An additional award may be granted to help offset the cost of overnight accomodations. The second award check will be mailed after graduation when you have met all the criteria.

We need 5-10 business days to process your application after receiving your supporting documents. We are not able to accept phone calls from you during the review process but you may communicate with us via email or fax with the information supplied to you confirming receipt of your application. Applicants will be notified of application status, either rejected or approved, when the review is complete. When your application is approved we will begin working with you to reimburse travel expenses as noted above.

The amount of Travel Assistance available will be dependent upon donations received and will not be confirmed until 1-2 weeks prior to graduation.


Our prodedure for processing your application is very specific. Contacting the office or sending documents prior to our requesting them WILL DELAY THE REVIEW PROCESS. Please respect the process; check your email frequently and only respond to actions from our staff and volunteers as requested. Trying to circumvent the application process and procedure WILL DELAY YOUR APPLICATION.


Gather the required information before starting your application. We encourage you to review the application prior to completing it so you are prepared to complete all sections.

The application has 10 sections with questions to determine your financial need, including your income, place of employment and/or any other sources of income you may have. Company names, addresses and phone numbers will be required for employers, mortgage company or landlord, and caseworkers for state or federal income you may receive.

The 10 Sections Include:

  1. Application Guidelines
    (verfication that you have read this page)
  2. Information About Your Recruit
    (His/Her Name, Recruiter's Name and Contact Information, Ship Date, Graduation Date, Battalion and Company at Boot Camp)
  3. Information About You, The Applicant
    • Name and Contact Information
    • Auto Loan
    • All Sources of Income
      (including names, addresses, phone numbers)
  4. Information About Your Household
    • Home Loan/Rent Amount
    • Size of Residence
    • Landlord/Mortgage Company and Contact Information
    • Individuals Living in Your Home
  5. Information About Your Spouse
    (if applying jointly, the same information as Section 3 for you is required for your spouse)
  6. Copies of Supporting Documents
  7. Why Do You Need Travel Assistance?
    (a paragraph you write)
  8. Questionnaire
  9. Agreement
  10. Submit Application

You will be required to enter all of the information on the application. If you are making a joint application, both parties should be prepared to answer all questions. Incomplete applications will be rejected without review or consideration. If you do not want to provide the required information, do not submit an application for Travel Assistance.


On the application for Travel Assistance, you will be asked whether or not you agree to statements and to completing the actions listed below. If you do not certify the information you submit is accurate or do not agree to complete these actions, do not submit an application for Travel Assistance.

  • You agree to send copies of all required supporting documents as listed here and/or as requested by staff during review of your application.
  • You agree to staff or third party verification of all information you submit in the application and supporting documents.
  • You agree to send a photo of you (and your recruit if s/he agrees) taken during family day or graduation to to publish on their website.
  • You agree to allow to publish your first name, state, and dates you attended your recruit's graduation on their websites, e-newsletters and in printed publications.
  • By submitting the application form electronically, you are certifying the information you have provided is truthful and accurate.


You must adhere to the following timeline in your application process. Mark your calendar according to your recruit's matrix and training weeks with the following reminders:

  • At Least 1 Week Prior to Submitting Application
    Gather information and make copies of supporting documents. Make sure you know the information that will be asked on the application.
  • Beginning of Training Week 2 (or later)
    Complete Online Application. Training Week 2 is the start of the 3rd week after your recruit shipped to boot camp.
  • Within 3 Business Days
    AFTER we send an email to you requesting documents, send required SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS to via fax, email, or US Mail. Do NOT send documents prior to our email request.
  • BEFORE Training Week 10
    Application must be submitted prior to Training Week 10. Late applications cannot be considered.
  • Application In Review
    We need 5-10 business days after receipt of your supporting documents to review your application. We will contact you with the decision; we cannot accept phone calls during this time.
  • Approval
    We will contact you with the amount of your travel award as soon as your application has been approved.


Request an authorization code to access the application by sending an email to Response time TO RECEIVE THE AUTHORIZATION CODE is the following business day after you make the request. If you request a code on Friday or over the weekend, you will not receive a response until the following MONDAY. Once you have an authorization code, you may Click for Application (temporarily unavailable)


REMEMBER: DO NOT call the office and DO NOT send supporting documents until requested to do so.

You will receive acknowledgement that the application has been received on the FOLLOWING business day AFTER you submit your online application. Submitting duplicate applications or contacting the office WILL DELAY the process; PLEASE be patient. If you do not hear from us by the END of the FOLLOWING business day AFTER you've applied, check your spam filter. Wait an additional FULL BUSINESS DAY before contacting us.

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