MPTA Helps Marine Guardian, Becky, Attend Graduation

MPTA Helps Marine Guardian, Becky, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!

On Friday, January 12, 2024, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Becky, Guardian of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Echo Company to become a Marine.

Thank you MarineParents for the travel assistance which made sure that me and my family were present during our Marine's graduation! It meant the world to us! I might have made my way there; however, without your help, it would have cost our family severely in ways that we just simply cannot afford. Seeing all that my Marine is becoming and all that he has already accomplished-- it was that little spark that our family needed. Especially because I believe that it takes a village to raise children-- & without my village, as well as the extended support from folks like all of you-- our family would not be as blessed, as it most certainly is. Thank you very much for all that you do! Wendy, New Marine Guardian

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