Operation Homecoming Vietnam POWs

Operation Homecoming Vietnam POWs

February 12, 1973, From our Founder

51 years ago today, a C-141A Starlifter transport jet with a distinctive red cross on its tail lifted off from Hanoi, North Vietnam, and the first flight of 40 U.S. prisoners of war began their journey home through Operation Homecoming. I was 11 years old, and our family lived at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. I remember the POWs coming home like it was yesterday. My mother took us to greet every plane that arrive on the tarmac. We wore our POW bracelets and hoped "our" POW would be coming home.

It was a time like no other in the history of the United States, and even as a child, I understood the impact on these service members being released from a prisoner of war camp. Today, I want to remember this time and share those memories with others who may not know that time in our history. It should never be forgotten.

The article written on the 40th anniversary of Operation Homecoming is well done, and I encourage you to take time to read it. The link follows.

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