Strava Leaderboard For Week Ending 9/11

Strava Leaderboard For Week Ending 9/11

Congratulations to all who helped get us to 274 miles! Ooh Rah!

Team Marine Parents has been accumulating mile after mile every week. For the week ending 9/11, our team racked up an astounding 274 miles! Congratulations to all of Team Marine Parents! An additional Congratulations to Penny, Santina, and Pam who topped our leader boards!

Congratulations to last weeks contributors:
Penny Terwelp 57.2 mi
Santina Lovelace 39.4 mi
Pam Gondola 35.0 mi
Karin Jacobs 25.7 mi
Katy Swanson 22.4 mi
Stephanie Harris 22.2 mi
Nickie Sattler 18.2 mi
Bobby McLaughlin 11.4 mi
Laura Stager 8.9 mi
Tracy Della Vecchia 6.8 mi
Paul Neidhardt 5.3 mi
Coach Shannon Perez 4.3 mi
Mitzi Woods 4.0 mi
Sherri Trinler 3.9 mi
Cindy Blagburn 3.6 mi
Michelle Tate 3.0 mi
Kim Schultz 2.7 mi

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