Preparing for Boot Camp

Preparing for Boot Camp

For your Poolee and for YOU!

Are you a seasoned Marine Parent our just starting the journey? This is great information for you to know as you meet other family members who are new to the Corps. You can help them prepare starting in the Poolee stage.

As a poolee, your son or daughter is preparing for boot camp, and the recruiters are preparing the poolees physically, intellectually, and emotionally. They have probably heard from other new Marines who have come back to the recruiter's office and shared their experience from boot camp. The recruiters are preparing the poolees the best way they can.

What about you...who has prepared you?

This page will be a great start for you and there is a lot more information on our websites that will help prepare you for your poolee's potential career in the Marine Corps. can help guide you through boot camp and then we have additional websites with information for each stage of the Marine Corps.

If you have Facebook, you might want to consider joining one of our Facebook groups. The poolee group will help prepare you for what's ahead and the recruit groups will guide you through the 13-week journey. Our poolee group and recruit groups can be found on this page. You may want to look at our graduation dates page to help you join the correct recruit group for your son or daughter.

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