History of 8th & I

History of 8th & I

Learn about Marine Barracks Washington, also known as 8th & I.

Marine Barracks Washington, known as "8th & I," is the oldest post in the Marine Corps and has been the residence of every Commandant since 1806. The site for the barracks, at the intersection of 8th St. and I St. in Washington, D.C., was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson and the second Commandant of the Marine Corps, Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, after the two rode through the city looking for a suitable location. The intersection of 8th St. and I St. was chosen due to its proximity to the Washington Naval Yard and the fact that it was within easy marching distance of the Capitol building.

Today, 8th & I is arranged much as it was in the early 1800s, and its buildings used in a similar manner. The Home of the Commandant, located at the north end of the barracks, was completed in 1806 and is the only original building still in use, with the rest of the barracks having been rebuilt between 1900 and 1907. The Home of the Commandant is the oldest public building in continuous use in Washington D.C.

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