Lori is the Volunteer Who ALWAYS Raises her Hand

Lori is the Volunteer Who ALWAYS Raises her Hand

Put your hands together for our Volunteer of the Year in Spanish Groups!

Some people duck for cover when a request is made for help, but Lori Ballard has made it a policy to raise her hand when we need more help in any area of the organization. It's extremely fitting that Lori is selected as our Volunteer of the Year in our Spanish Groups. She's a teacher and mother of three. Her son is her Marine who told her when he enlisted that he wanted to be the "best of the best". The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Lori is a stellar volunteer and always willing to help where needed. She is a recruit-groups volunteer who stepped in to help in our Spanish groups when we were short-handed. She is now the Coach for Spanish and has made a huge difference for our Spanish-speaking members!
—Shannon Perez, Volunteer Manager

When her son was preparing for boot camp she had very little information. Her son gave her the website of RecruitParents.com, which he had gotten from his recruiter. This site was her lifeline. She had seen where she could volunteer but her son had to graduate from boot camp first. Four weeks after leaving for boot camp her son ended up in STC-MRP due to an injury. She was directed to the Support BTN Facebook group which helped her through it all. After receiving all the support from MarineParents.com she was ready to pay it forward and jumped at the chance to help others.

Thank you Lori for your help and always stepping up to add more volunteer responsibilities. You've made our Spanish groups absolutely stellar since joining that team and we couldn't appreciate you more! Thank you for all you do!

¡Lori es una voluntaria increíble y no podríamos hacer esto sin ella!

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