13-Year-OId Ethan is Raising $500

13-Year-OId Ethan is Raising $500

Let's Help Ethan Reach His Goal for MarineParents.com Outreach

TMP's Ethan St. Pierre has set a fundraising goal for the 2022 season of $500 and he is looking for his first donation of the year!

As the youngest member of Team Marine Parents, at 13 years old, Ethan is hoping he can meet his fundraising goal before his big events. Ethan is hoping this year to add to his collections of medals as well as fundraise more than any other teammate for the outreach programs of Marine Parents.

On our track team last year, I told people about the medals I've earned from Marine Corps events and fundraising for Marine Parents. It's pretty cool. No one else had done anything like that. I was really proud. Ethan St. Pierre, Member of Team Marine Parents
Let's help Ethan meet his $500 goal this year! Your donation helps him achieve his fundraising goal!

Posted on 8/14/2000
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