Volunteers for Marine Family Network

Volunteers of MarineParents.com work around the United States in a variety of capacities. Click here to meet each of our Official Marine Family Network Volunteers, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our Marine and recruit family members.


Keri  (HQ: VO Coordinator)

Marine and

Keri works part time and fills her other time with volunteer "work." She loves working on the computer. Being a graphic artist in previous employment, her volunteer work with Marine Pare...Read More


Karen  (Chat/MFN: Faithsmom)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Chat Room,

Karen met her first Marine (a poolee) in 1977 and stayed in contact all during Boot, SOI, and other reserve drills. In 1979 she got personal military experience when she joined the U.S. Air ...Read More


Richard  (MFN: DadinNova)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Marine Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

My wife and I are both accountants. We live in Leesburg, VA....Read More

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