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Marketing and Graphics Support Staff

Position Description

Employee needs to be capable of following explicit verbal and written instructions and completing work on a daily basis. Employee needs to be capable of making independent decisions and working effectively on a team. Employee will locate and retrieve digital images from file storage for use in marketing publications both online and print using Adobe products, construct images from master files and designs, create email marketing campaigns on a daily basis, independently compose text and headlines, and post repetitive marketing pieces in a variety of online social media venues. Work to be completed on a daily basis with 98% efficiency and fewer than 2% error rate. Employee will report directly to the Marketing and Projects Manager.

  • Create marketing materials for the online store
  • Complete daily postings of product information in various online media
  • All other duties as assigned
Requirements for this position:

  • Understanding and agreement to MarineParents.com, Inc. Workplace Expectations
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Intermediate computer skills including but not limited to online email, Adobe Photoshop, and social media interfaces
  • Posses skill for good layout and schematic placement of images and text
  • Prior experience with marketing is a plus
  • Ability to work on a computer for 100% of shift
  • *Ability to work beyond scheduled hours as needed (some weekend and evening work required)
  • *Ability to work extended hours during the peak season, October 23 - December 23

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Accounting Associate

Position Description

This is advanced bookkeeping and elementary accounting work in the maintenance and review of detailed fiscal records for a very busy nonprofit corporation using Quickbooks Enterprise Edition, outside vendor software, and internal software to record and process fiscal records.


  • Examine invoices, prior to payment, to determine propriety of expenditure by checking mathematical extension, by comparing invoice price and quantity to purchase order or packing slips, by comparing units invoiced to units received, and by charging the appropriate account. Verify expenses using the internal software PTSR for purchase tracking and reports.
  • Prepare and maintain records reflecting acquisition cost, location, physical description, purchase date, depreciation charges, book value, and other pertinent data on office and equipment items.
  • Compute and prepare invoices for receivables.
  • Assist in the preparation of reports and preliminary budget estimates by using the bookkeeping records maintained in the corporate office.
  • Work directly with third-party auditors to provide information for annual audit.
  • Work directly with third-party accounting firm to prepare the organization's annual 990 report to the IRS.
  • Monitor IRS requests and mailings to assure compliance with standard accounting procedures and nonprofit regulations.
  • Reconcile bank statements, credit card statements, petty cash, and credit card merchant records to the facility's receipts and disbursement ledgers using Quickbooks Enterprise Edition.
  • Review several accounts on a daily basis for discrepancies and/or unauthorized transactions. Balance and reconcile all accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Process transactions through donations interface, balancing with credit card merchant and entering transactions into Quickbooks.
  • Verify reporting of purchases by other staff to assure they are following procedure and documenting purchases correctly.
  • Work directly with the receiving department to assure that items are being received and recorded correctly
  • Work directly with the Retail and Production Manager for budgeting and purchases for COGS.
  • Work directly with the Outreach Programs Coordinator and Operations Manager to verify budgets and assure procedures for purchasing are being followed.
  • Troubleshoot vendor issues on invoicing and bill payments.
  • Work directly with the Human Resources Associate to assure payroll transactions are entered correctly.
  • Supervise clerical employees performing routine bookkeeping and clerical tasks.
  • Work under the supervision of an administrative supervisor; however, the employee is expected to exercise independent judgment and discretion within the limits of established procedures.
  • Perform other related work as assigned.

Requirements for this position:

  • Understanding and agreement to MarineParents.com, Inc. Workplace Expectations
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • At least 12 consecutive months previous experience using Quickbooks or Quickbooks Enterprise Edition in an office environment.
  • Intermediate knowledge of bookkeeping principles and practices.
  • Intermediate knowledge of office methods and procedures.
  • Ability to apply general bookkeeping principles in the recording of appropriations, allotments, encumbrances, and expenditures.
  • Ability to expedite a large volume of detailed work involving written and numeric data.
  • Ability to plan and review the work of clerical employees engaged in routine tasks.
  • Ability to make mathematical calculations with speed and accuracy.
  • Ability to operate a keyboard, adding machine, and calculator.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
  • Strong computer skills including but not limited to online applications, corporate email, online calendars and scheduling, producing word documents and spreadsheets
  • Ability to interact with others through online sharing of documents, conversations, and meetings
  • Strong phone, written, and in-person communication skills as well as active listening
  • Ability to work extended hours during the peak season, October 23 - December 23

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