Guideline #8: OPSEC (Operational Security)

Content in violation of OPSEC will be deleted

All content must conform to military and troop Operational Security. Troop is defined as a group of military personnel. Do not discuss troop operations including movement, missions, logistics, numbers, locations, dates, and/or morale.

Missions include but are not limited to engagement, training exercises, patrols, delivery of supplies, delivery of mail, meeting with locals. If your Marine is sharing his/her troop activities with you, don't share it in the community.

Posts identifying your Marine's specific billet in conjunction with a mission whether past, present or future, will not be allowed. Identification of a Marine in a high security billet or MOS is not allowed.

Discussions of school and training (not mission-specific) are allowed.

Application and Examples Guideline 1
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